There is a lot of work to do in the office of the Research Chair in One Health & Wellness, and so there are numerous volunteer, practicum and employment opportunities!  These range from data entry and analysis to assisting with therapy dog visits in the field. Contact Dr. Dell for more information.

George is volunteering with our team for credit at his school. He is assisting with the care of St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Subie while Subie is out and about visiting and doing presentations. While George is learning about therapy dogs, he also shares with the team about his own dog.

“I have a First hand experience with my pet that is capable of behaving like a therapy dog. My dog’s name is fluffy. Fluffy is energetic friendly but timid, boxer mixed. She has light brown fur and a black snout. We adopted her when she was 5 weeks old from a house where she was living with her sister and her owners. Now Fluffy is 2 years old and she is still as cute and lovable as when we adopted her. When I feel sad I can find my dog and feel her soft fur. She retains her consistently calm and patient nature no matter what I do; this is the space that humans can’t provide. Within just 20 minutes or less of rubbing Fluffy and looking at her expression, she quickly restores my positive emotion. Sometimes she needs caring too when she is lonely. Walking Fluffy and seeing her enjoy herself is equally enjoyable. This is what dog therapy means to me.” – George, January, 2017


Employment & Practicum
There are various practicum (e.g., School of Public Health, Certificate in Criminology and Addictions, Aboriginal Justice and Criminology Program) and employment opportunities, depending on the  projects available. Contact Dr. Dell for more information.


Therapy Dogs Volunteering on the University of Saskatchewan Campus!